8oz 250ml amber boston round glass spray bottles with trigger sprayer

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8oz glass boston round spray bottle, neck size 28-400. Glass has high transparency, can be colored, has high chemical resistance, and has high heat and cold resistance. This 8-ounce amber glass spray bottle with a black trigger sprayer is perfect for protecting your grease products from UV rays.

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8oz 250ml amber boston round glass spray bottles with trigger sprayer 

This bottle is simply amazing for spraying all of your favorite essential oils and blends!

8oz boston round amber spray glass bottle with spray top can be refilled for a wide range of uses; it can be used for lotion, soap, detergent or cooking supplies

The top of the sprayer is very suitable for indoor sprays, water, detergents, etc.; the glass bottle is made of thick glass that can safely wash dishes

Glass bottles are great for homemade beauty products; create your favorite cleaning or beauty products and add them to the bottle

The glass bottles have a sleek and modern design-with partition labels that can easily label your bottles; these glass bottles will look great in any room and are perfect for giving your homemade beauty products or cleansers a gift during the holidays

The glass bottle does not contain BPA and is the best alternative to other plastic spray bottles such as detergent, toner, beauty products, etc.

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Product summary
  • Capacity is 250ml.
  • Made from high-quality clear soda-lime glass.
  • Compatible with our 28mm closures.
  • Larger 500ml 1000ml bottle is available.
  • MOQ is 3,000 PCS
  • Large discounts on bulk orders.
  • Labelling space on the bottle.
  • Custom color
  • Custom logo

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