200ml matte black coated flask glass liquor bottle with aluminum lid

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The 200ml glass flask bottles are traditional bottles used for medicine and cough syrup, but are now more commonly used for whiskey and other wines and liquor, perfumes and oils. The flask bottle is made of high-quality glass, and its outline provides you with many flat surfaces that can be used for simple bottle labeling. We also provide aluminum lids for the bottles.

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200ml matte black coated flask glass liquor bottle with aluminum lid

Our 200ml glass flask bottle is traditionally used to store medicines and cough syrup, but has more modern uses. For example, it can be used to store spirits, essences, and skin care products at home, or as a commercial container for alcohol and beauty products. If needed, we also provide flasks of different sizes.
Our 200ml matte black flask glass bottles with black screw caps are suitable for many products-not only spirits! It is very suitable for storing your favorite whiskey, brandy, gin, rum, vodka or other liquors, but you can also use it for non-food items. If you want to create a unique collection of men's beauty oils and beard oils, use this stylish bottle to attract your products-this is a modern classic.

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Product Summary
  • 200ml capacity
  • MOQ is 3,000 units
  • Discounts apply to bulk purchases
  • Custom color
  • Custom logo
  • Made of high quality thick soda lime glass material
  • Smaller/Larger capacity is available

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