200ml Amber Glass Pharmaceutical Bottle, Pill Jar with Black Aluminum lid

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The 200ml amber glass pharmaceutical jar and lid are part of our pharmaceutical series of packaging solutions. The smooth glass is easy to transport and handle, while the amber glass serves as a natural filter for ultraviolet rays, so you can safely store photosensitive chemicals and capsules in this vial. The included 45mm black urea cover lining has higher safety. The lining is molded around the neck of the bottle to prevent spillage and leakage.

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200ml Amber Glass Pharmaceutical Bottle, Pill Jar with Black Aluminum lid

Our pharmaceutical bottle are widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. They provide an excellent storage method for pills, tablets and capsules, especially light-sensitive pills, tablets and capsules. You can easily paste product information labels on the surface of this container to provide your customers with valuable information.
Our pharmaceutical jar is the industry standard medicine container, which has been widely used throughout the pharmaceutical industry. It is very suitable for storing capsules, tablets and medicines, especially those that are sensitive to light. The flat surface makes the information label easy to stick for customers to use.

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Product Summary
  • 200ml capacity
  • 60ml/75ml/100ml/150ml/200ml/250ml/300ml/400ml/500ml are available
  • Clear bottle is available
  • MOQ is 5,000 units
  • Discounts apply to bulk purchases
  • Custom color
  • Custom logo
  • Made of high quality thick soda lime glass material

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